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The OI Forum

Dec 12 2015 09:07 PM | Bedevere in General Aricles

As you all probably know the activity on the forums has dropped considerably. We have been spending in the $300~$500 range to keep the oi-guild.com site running. While its fast and efficient it's far too costly to maintain now. Consider that we used to have 1800 messages a month in 2010 down to about 80 in the last few months.

* Cyb has created a new forum over at Enjin.com for the site to move to (http://oi-guild.enjin.com/)
* This site will eventually redirect to the Enjin site.
* We are working on a way to migrate these forums over to Enjin but it relies heavily on their ability to migrate SQL data.
* Try to use the same exact user name over on Enjin so when we migrate data it will link up properly.
* We are going to purge any threads that have not been edited in a year. This is necessary as there is 10 years of forum activity out there.
* I will try to find some option to archive the old forums. Worst case scenario I will have the raw database and can find a cheap/free/simple host somewhere.

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OI vs The Iron Maidens

Apr 03 2015 04:11 AM | Sibelle in World of Warcraft: Draka

Posted Image

Lines, Wigglies, & Turrets

Oh my!!!

Many Jumpings



GTFO's Were Had!

Great kill guys!

Grats to All!!!

Here's the video!

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Order of Illuminatus vs Kromog

Mar 02 2015 07:11 AM | Sibelle in World of Warcraft: Draka

Squished with clappy hands

Posted Image

Smushed with graspy fists

Posted Image

Smacked the effe down by OI!

Posted Image

Posted Image

Nice kill folks!

Roll the tape:

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OI vs Hans & Franz

Feb 19 2015 10:33 AM | Sibelle in World of Warcraft: Draka

Order of Illuminatus


Hans & Franz

Posted Image

Pop Tarts

Posted Image

Stompy Feet!

Posted Image

Here is the roster and progress info for this fight

Ah we can dance if we want to!

We can leave your friends behind,
Cause your friends don't dance...

and if they don't dance

They're are no friends of mine!

Here's the video,

Music credit goes to:

Tritonal vs Mr FijiWiji- Start a Fire

Badklaat- Head Crush

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