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Forum Upgrade This Weekend

Jun 02 2014 12:17 AM | Bedevere in General Aricles

I have run a full forum upgrade this weekend. I don't see any major problems so far. If you see any issues please post them as a reply to this post.

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Changing Rank permissions for the site..

Jun 01 2014 03:59 AM | Sin in General Aricles

Greetings all,

The site is structured with a primary member group who should have access to the main section of the forums, public hall, looking to join, ally, nsfw board, etc.

To gain additional accesses, one must be added to particular group depending on where they are gaming - ESO, Draka, Eitrigg etc.

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ESO Stuff and also Things!

May 27 2014 10:45 PM | Sibelle in General Aricles

So, after a bit of prodding at the ESO chapter (read: most chapters) it has come to our attention that we need to work a bit harder to get them on the forums and active, just in general. Here is the ESO specific Forum area.

There are some perks to being active here on the forums!!!

Community activity keeps the beast alive.

So Sin posted up a screenshot contest thread today! (Click here to see)

Below are a few screenies that were submitted in the last screenshot thread. As you can see ESO has some really nice art! We would love to see your favorite spots!

This is a picture of Sibelle on her toon, level 12, charging a level 50 dragon. As you could imagine this didn't end well for her.. or Sin, apparently the dragon doesn't like it's picture taken.

Posted Image

Sin praying for loots I think

Posted Image

Soda's stoned Vampire Kitteh

Posted Image

Here's one taken in Direfrost Keep, normal mode, with Mistriss, Beliland (sp), Ghost and Sin.

Posted Image

Here is a note Sin made about the picture format and how to get your screenies to show up correctly on the forums.

~~~~Oh, and if you are tired of not being able to upload your screenshots to most websites (including ours), it's because ESO saves the files as a .bmp file type.

To correct the default setting and change it to the more common .jpg do this...

Go to: my documents > elder scrolls online > live > usersettings.txt
On the 11th line change "BMP" to "JPG" The game has to be closed. ~~~~

There are some perks to being active here on the forums!!!

First, we actually require an account and an application to get access to certain game features Guild bank, ranks above recruit and access to the majority of our forum areas :)

Second, in the larger community, we have events that are cross-chapter like Raffles and contests that will actually put real money and/or game time in your hand. We have community days of remembrance and celebration. There are quite a few lively and humorous (Usually at someones expense) threads... as well as some game related -and unrelated- conversational threads!

Third, we have tediously separated all of the cool people into small free roaming/radio collared groups. Each chapter has a few outstanding members. We do this to help integration of new cool people into the breeding program. Fresh blood in the gene pool and so forth.

Fourth, We play everything. World of Warcraft. Star Wars the Old Republic.Elder Scrolls Online(linked above). Age of Conan. Eve. Lord of the Rings. I mean we practically have our damn hands in all the games. And even if we don't have an active chapter in the game that you get your rocks off on we STILL have a Public Hall forum where all community members are welcome to discuss whatever makes a pants tent.

Fifth, Speaking of pants tents! We have a specific Pants Tent Area. (for 18+ of course) You're welcome. The walls and floors are lined with painters tarps and there is a hand sanitizer dispenser every 20 ft along the wall. /fancy Vanna White hands

Sixth, the guild funds a Ventrillo server as a resource for all of the chapters. We are happy to have a place to organize events and host raid chatter. But we also have open channels for just general gatherings. We have a specified channel for a Jukebox. It has a little more than 1600 songs on shuffle so that you can quest while listening and visiting with other members. There is a thread dedicated to this music bot. You can post up a youtube link and/or a song/artist name and I will toss it in my hard drive for your listening pleasure.

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Auridon: Skyshard event (ground level, no caves...

Apr 08 2014 08:10 PM | Sin in General Aricles

Just as the title suggests.

I'm going to be starting in VG and moving up to the northern edge and back down according to the ESO shard map: http://teso.mmorpg-l...-locations-map/

If we have time we'll may hit the ones in the 1) caves, 2) anchor points, 3) skull crossbone areas, as we cross them and/or they spawn. That's listed in order of priority. Skyshards first. Priority will be the ground level skyshards first.

Event should run from 8-10p, all levels are welcome. Horses are not required. Teleport to party /guild member will be used in abundance.

See you then!

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