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OI Vs The Butcher

Dec 17 2014 12:59 AM | Sibelle in General Aricles

Good job all of you guys!

But we all know it was really:

Rol & Kiramai
The Butcher Enrage Timer

Posted Image

Woot for the "Last pull of the night" buff!

/Nerd Celebration

Posted Image

Here's the video! Enjoy!

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OI Vs Kargath Bladefist

Dec 14 2014 11:49 PM | Sibelle in General Aricles

Posted Image

Go Order!

Posted Image

Great job last night! We had so much fun.
Was good to play as a team again!

Here is the video of our first attempt at
Kargath Bladefist!

Posted Image

One shotted that fool. Was a great fight!


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Forum Upgrade This Weekend

Jun 02 2014 12:17 AM | Bedevere in General Aricles

I have run a full forum upgrade this weekend. I don't see any major problems so far. If you see any issues please post them as a reply to this post.

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Changing Rank permissions for the site..

Jun 01 2014 03:59 AM | Sin in General Aricles

Greetings all,

The site is structured with a primary member group who should have access to the main section of the forums, public hall, looking to join, ally, nsfw board, etc.

To gain additional accesses, one must be added to particular group depending on where they are gaming - ESO, Draka, Eitrigg etc.

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