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Order of Illuminatus vs Kromog

Mar 02 2015 07:11 AM | Sibelle in World of Warcraft: Draka

Squished with clappy hands

Posted Image

Smushed with graspy fists

Posted Image

Smacked the effe down by OI!

Posted Image

Posted Image

Nice kill folks!

Roll the tape:

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OI vs Hans & Franz

Feb 19 2015 10:33 AM | Sibelle in World of Warcraft: Draka

Order of Illuminatus


Hans & Franz

Posted Image

Pop Tarts

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Stompy Feet!

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Here is the roster and progress info for this fight

Ah we can dance if we want to!

We can leave your friends behind,
Cause your friends don't dance...

and if they don't dance

They're are no friends of mine!

Here's the video,

Music credit goes to:

Tritonal vs Mr FijiWiji- Start a Fire

Badklaat- Head Crush

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OI Vs Gruul

Feb 19 2015 02:52 AM | Sibelle in World of Warcraft: Draka

Order of Illuminatus

Gruul Normal

Posted Image

One Ugly Ogre

throwing a tantrum so large

that it may rival a Sibpocalypse!

Stomps, Slashes, and Cave Ins!

Oh My!

Here is the video!

Grats folks!
Your Chicken Overlord,


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Oi vs. Heroic Highmaul

Jan 31 2015 02:23 PM | Rol in World of Warcraft: Draka

Couple of videos of yesterday's raid... enjoy!

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Order of Illuminatus Vs Ko'ragh

Jan 28 2015 03:30 AM | Sibelle in World of Warcraft: Draka

Posted Image

Order Vs Ko'Ragh

This boss was a biotch for 2 weeks

but we figured it out

With just over an hour of fussy chickens

and positioning plans

we finally murdered him...

and most of us!


Dead is Dead though!
So good job guys and gals

We got an achieve while we were at it!

Video includes vent chatter and some captions.
Full screen please!



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